How Does therapy Work?

People seek therapy for various reasons, including: a crisis, a loss, a major life change, difficulty in relationships, personal growth, etc. In the initial sessions, I get to know your story and assess for areas of strengths and stressors. Afterwards, we identify the goals for therapy and make a plan to help you get to where you want to be.

In the early stage of our work, I meet with clients at least once a week (45 minutes for individuals, 75 minutes for couples) to build good momentum. As you gain and integrate new skills and resources into your life, we gradually space out our sessions until your goals are adequately met.

Is Therapy Right for Me?

In order for meaningful change to happen, we must first understand the nature of our problems. The more we know what we're dealing with, the more we can do something about it. The less we know, the more we are forced to go into "autopilot" mode, which usually leads us deeper into trouble.

If you feel like you run into the same problems over and over again, therapy can help you get "unstuck" by enhancing your awareness, practicing new skills, and integrating effective tools into your life. No significant, lasting change can be attained without your intentionality, effort, and practice. The main prerequisite for therapy is that you want your life or relationships to be different and that you are committed to put in the work. 

Are we a good fit?

That is a question that only you can answer! Trust your intuition, and ask a lot of questions. After a few initial sessions, if you feel like I "get" you where you are, that's a good sign. If it feels like we're not connecting, that's alright - I won't take it personally! Please let me know, and I will gladly point you towards someone else who may better serve you. 

My main areas of focus are:

  1. Emotional Health - trauma & abuse, burnout, codependency, addiction, identity
  2. Relational Health - family relationships, romantic relationship, abusive relationships, boundaries 
  3. Couples Counseling - dating, premarital, marital


No! All you need is a desire to change your life and the readiness to show up and do the work. Although my training as a Marriage & Family Therapist has been primarily in Christian settings, our work will primarily reflect where you are in your own journey. Some clients prefer for faith to be an integral part of their therapy process; others prefer to leave spirituality at the door. The main way that my own personal faith will show up is through my commitment to see you as a wonderfully unique, imperfect but valuable, struggling but resilient human being in need of love and belonging. Wherever you may be in your walk, there is space for you here. 

Have more questions or ready to begin?