Practice of the Practice

Joe Sanok

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Kelly Higdon & Miranda Palmer

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Ernesto Segismundo, Jr.

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From Clinician To Confident CEO

Casey Truffo

Not enough time, money, or energy to do what you love? Worried if your private practice is worth it? Move from being solely a clinician to becoming a confident CEO.

  • Finally understand your finances
  • Create policies/systems that will save you time and money
  • Attract clients into your practice with more regularity
  • Determine the best leveraged-income strategies once your caseload is full
  • Guide you to build a solid and thriving business that you actually love!

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Be a Wealthy Therapist

Casey Truffo

You are called to be a therapist. Are you also called to poverty? You worked hard to get here. You deserve to be paid well for what you do. Crack the code on how you can make a living while making a difference.

  • How not addressing old issues with money can keep you poor.
  • How to change how you think about your worthiness to earn a good living.
  • How to use your unique personality to build your practice - even if you are a total introvert!
  • What to put on a Top-Banana Website.
  • How to move from having a "hobby" practice to a business practice.