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Courage to Connect, Pt. 1

Human beings deeply desire to connect but also fear rejection, judgment, dismissal, and abandonment. Relationships with our significant others take this to a whole new level: because our partners know us so intimately, they can also have a deep healing AND hurtful impact on our well-being.

Many couples work through the pain and fear to connect at an even deeper level; others are overwhelmed or shut down by these wounds and resort to fight or flight mode to preserve themselves, at the expense of their bond.

In this two-part series, Joanne B. Kim and Melinda R. Olsen, Associate Marriage & Family Therapists at the Christian Counseling Center, San Jose, cover the following aspects of the couple's journey:

  1. Common Conflict/Connection Styles
  2. The Neuroscience of Love
  3. Emotional Attunement & Empathy

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